How to Profile Your Target Audience - A Free Template

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As any good marketeer knows, understanding your target audience is the first step towards building a successful brand. It sounds simple enough – think about who your consumers are and what would attract them, right?

Hang on. Before you deep dive into breaking down consumer demographics and psychographics, pause and think. Do you really know who’s engaging with your brand? Start with extracting data from your existing platforms. Data can help you quantify, evaluate and assess who’s interacting with your brand and how their customer journey looks like. It’s a necessary first step in identifying who to profile.

When you’ve identified the people who are interacting with your brand, it’s useful to then explore what we call “empathy mapping”. What does your audience experience throughout the customer journey of purchasing your product? What do they say, think, do and feel? This process will help you become more human as a brand, and identify potential pitfalls that influence your customer’s purchase decisions.

To learn more about identifying your target audience read this.

Once you’ve completed the process above, you’re ready to profile your target audience. Download the Ultimate Target Audience Template here:

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 Written by Miranda Yeo

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