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About Insights

Unlock more with insights

When done right, insights give us different perspectives and can help us make critical decisions. At AKIN, insights help us understand consumers and serve as guardrails for business strategies. We dig deep to decode consumer psyches and enable our clients’ value propositions to resonate with audiences at each stage of the consumer journey.

Together with our research partners in the region, we promise agility and nimbleness in executing your projects

We adopt data-driven approaches across the following project:

  • Competitor landscape mapping
  • Online sentiment tracking and analysis
  • Online brand and content performance analysis
  • Trend tripping
  • Ethnographic interventions
  • User and usability testing
  • Stakeholder management workshops
  • Design sprints
  • Strategic roadmap planning
  • Workshops
  • Online surveys
  • Street intercept surveys
  • Industry expert consultations
  • In-depth interviews
  • Focus Group Discussions

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